• Visitor Experience Design

    Formula D_’s visitor experience design process is executed in two stages, the concept design stage and design development stage.

    What is the concept design stage?
    Based on the project vision and design strategy, the concept phase orchestrates a multi-disciplinary creative process to develop the dominant themes, activities, and exhibits, which are then set to scene within the given architectural setting. Still on a sketch plan level, these concepts are then presented to stakeholders and audiences for feedback and approval ensuring that the initial budget estimate for the execution of the design is feasible.

    What is the design development stage?
    Once an agreement has been reached, Formula D_ enters the design development stage. All approved design ideas will now be detailed confirming exact content, geometry, technology and bill of quantities for all elements. The design development stage also provides sample designs, storyboards and briefs for graphics, multimedia and set build elements. Proof of concept mock-ups will be produced where necessary and tested with users. Design development also includes value engineering to improve the impact, functionality or spend on the project.