• User Experience Design (UX)

    A cornerstone of most modern visitor experiences is the user experience design of its digital applications, which is also a fundamental element of interactive exhibit design. With the rise of multimedia and digital technology in visitor experiences such as museums and exhibitions, the demand for good user experience design is on the increase.

    Where does user experience design matter in visitor experiences?
    Formula D_ are an expert in user experience design for touch screen applications, Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) and other interactive exhibit technology. Our interaction designers are experienced in a range of user interface categories such as graphical and physical (e.g. push buttons) or gesture-based interfaces (e.g. hand-tracking).

    What is important for good user experiences?
    In the user experience design process, our designers pay special attention to keeping the information architecture and interaction design as simple as possible. Different prototyping techniques at different stages of the user experience design process make it possible to test preliminary designs early in the process. All our user interfaces are mocked up as click-through prototypes in Adobe XD for user testing and client approvals in the design development stage.