• Technology Strategy

    Although technology can play a key role in the success of visitor attractions, strategic opportunities are often missed. Planning for technology infrastructure on the one hand, and not overinvesting in systems that may be out of commission in a few years are pertinent considerations. Futureproofing and foresight are essential.

    How do we get the best out of technology?
    To make technology effective and cost-efficient, we need to find out which business goals are most dependent on technology and which ones will benefit from technology. Formula D_ will evaluate this by drawing on engagement strategy and business goals of the project amongst other factors. A strategic approach will prioritize technology within the different project objectives.

    What are examples of technology in visitor experiences?
    Technology may be used to support the interpretive goals of the experience, for example through the creation of interactive exhibits or by enabling personalised experiences. Another possibility is the collection of anonymised visitor data to get insights into the visitors’ experience, knowledge, or concerns. Technology also has the potential to facilitate pre-and post-visit engagement and sales through digital products or enables ongoing maintenance and frequent content updates.