• Stakeholder Analysis

    Following the human centred design approach, Formula D_ will always start a project with a thorough analysis of all stakeholders, with a primary focus on the audience of an attraction, i.e., the visitors or users.

    Why do we need to who our audiences are?
    It is crucial to establish demographics, age groups, and cultures of our audiences to understand their specific desires, needs and pain points. Often neglected in the design process of an attraction, we look at all stakeholders of the project including funders and operational staff. Our audience analysis will guide us throughout the design process as a sounding board for all design and business decisions.

    How will we learn about our audiences?
    To guide our thinking towards existing or desired audiences we use different user centred design techniques such as the creation of user personas, which are imaginary user archetypes.
    Depending on the scale and novelty factor of the project, we also conduct surveys and engage focus groups for deep learning about our audiences.