• Software Development

    Working closely with our User experience design team, our software developers build software that works using quick iterations and releases that are tested throughout the development process.

    What is the scope of software in visitor experiences?
    In modern visitor attractions, software often becomes the backbone of the experience, not only providing interaction point for visitors, but also allowing staff to centrally manage start up and shutdown, monitor normal operation, maintain, and install updates on exhibits. Pre- and post-visit experiences are becoming more recognised as important tools for managing customer relationships and encouraging repeat visits. Formula D_ can integrate onsite and online content using sophisticated content management systems. Visitor experiences that invest in a new generation of smart, networked exhibits can also benefit from collecting usage data and visitor feedback generated by the exhibits.

    What software tools and frameworks do we use?
    On an exhibit content level, our developers are flexible to respond to the varying content requirements of interactive exhibits. Formula D_ uses Unity 3D for most apps, designing for 2D interfaces, 3D content and VR, but has also designed custom software for multi-server, high definition projection environments and multiplayer gaming apps using C++ or JAVA amongst other coding frameworks.