• Project Visioning

    A compelling project vision is the key to a successful pitch to your stakeholders and investors. Formula D_ is the ideal partner to help you tell the story of your venture and deliver it as a powerful project vision presentation.
    Why will the project be meaningful for your stakeholders and visitors?
    First, Formula D_ will review your key strategic goals and business needs and analyse your audiences or customers to understand their needs and behaviours.

    What is the big idea of your project?
    Next, we will consolidate all research and consideration done to date and add our own research and insights from years of experience in visitor attraction design and interactive product development.

    Following that, initial ideas will be presented and further developed with user focus groups to establish acceptance and priorities for the key elements of the product or experience.

    How can we present the project vision in the most compelling way?
    Finally, we will convert all key insights, strategies and concepts into a short pitching document or video clip which will inspire and persuade, creating the momentum and direction you need to move your project forward.