• Media Production

    Formula D_ has in depth experience with the production of various media formats for visitor experiences such as museums, science centres and tourism attractions.

    What are the relevant media formats for visitor experiences?
    We are proficient in the production of audio clips, voice overs, music scores, animations, short films, and interactive apps. Our art directors manage the production process from storyboard development to final render and release. We have produced outstanding animations that make complex matters easy to understand. Our award-winning work includes media production for Virtual reality and immersive interactive projections using 2D and 3D, from simple illustration styles to photorealistic simulations.

    What are the competencies involved for media production?
    Formula D_ works with writers, actors, voice over artists, and musicians to make your stories come to life. Our expertise in tech and software development also puts us in an ideal position for non-linear storytelling or advanced procedural animations, to create fascinating immersive simulations.