• Interactive Product Design

    Similar to visitor experience design, on a smaller scale, interactive exhibit design involves a multidisciplinary team of interaction designers, AV experts, UX designers, engineers, and content writers.

    What makes our interactive exhibits special?
    Formula D_ is renowned for its innovative interactive exhibit design using leading-edge technologies. We design award-winning interactive exhibits using Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and body and gesture tracking sensors, and advanced electronic and mechanical displays.

    What different types of exhibits do we design?
    Our interactive experiences can be as small as tablet computer kiosks or as large as interactive immersive projection exhibits that fill entire galleries. Designing interactive exhibits can be as complex as designing consumer products but with the added challenges of having significantly less development time and budget. Technical expertise combined with lots of prototyping and testing are paramount.

    What are smart exhibits?
    At Formula D_, we push the boundaries of traditional interactive exhibit design by offering smart exhibits that can be remotely serviced and updated through content management systems and support platform. On request and with the permission of our users, our smart exhibits also collect anonymous data about the use of the experience which gives our clients insights into the popularity and impact of the interactive display.