• Installation

    Formula D_ provides comprehensive installation services ensuring the various activities on site are well coordinated and installation happens as per design specification.

    How do we coordinate the various activities on site?
    Formula D_ ensures that we have experts for each field of work on site to supervise and quality-check the work of different trades. Our project managers ensure coordination of all activities according to schedule and ensuring the safety of all workers.

    Where does Formula D_ install?
    We are capable to do installations around the world, often using a mix of our own teams and partners in the project location.

    How do we mitigate installation risks?
    We reduce the risk of onsite integration issues significantly by fully assembling key systems for testing prior to installation as part of our fabrication process.

    What happens after installation is complete?
    Once the installation is complete and signed off, Formula D_ trains client staff for normal operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. We advise our clients on best practise options to ensure optimal operation in the ‘teething stage’. This usually involves leaving one or two team members on-site for 2-4 weeks to assist client staff with the operational needs and any emergencies in the hot phase after opening. We also offer comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) offering options for remote and on-site servicing as required.