• Content Development

    The design of visitor experiences and interactive exhibits goes hand in hand with content development. Initial research, scripts, and interpretive plans need to be developed in accordance with engagement strategy and communication design.

    How do we make content fit for different audience needs?
    Formula D_’s copywriters are skilled in making content accessible to a variety of audiences without “dumbing it down”. In times where multimedia is all around us, visitors of attractions are less inclined to read a lot of text. Skilled content developers structure the information into bite-sizes to accommodate various appetites. At Formula D_, we compare visitors to paddlers, swimmers, and divers. Content for paddlers serves people who just have a glance and move on but still get a good idea what this is about. Swimmers want to learn a bit more, and divers are so fascinated, they might sacrifice seeing other exhibits in favor of learning all about a specific subject. All these visitor types need to be served.

    How will we meet the needs of different media outputs?
    Most importantly, our content developers need to write for various, structurally different media. They produce scripts for animations, film, interactive exhibits, labels, and poster panels ensuring that everything seems to be cut from the same cloth.