• Communication Design

    Good communication design is at the heart of reaching your audience with your messaging. Applications for communication design can be found throughout a visitor experience design project.

    What is the 101 of communication design for visitor experiences?
    Communication design involves a thorough understanding of how humans use and perceive text, still images or video in exhibition environments, and in context of a flurry of ever-changing communication channels in everyday life. Communication design takes its lead from the engagement strategy and will inform the design of visuals, film, and digital interactive media. First and foremost, it supports the messaging by establishing the right visual language for specific audiences. Communication design also creates visual hierarchies to guide visitors’ attention to where it matters, establishes visual themes in support of the storytelling, or makes sure the essence of the visitor experience is captured in branding elements such as experience name and logo.

    Where do we draw inspiration from?
    Formula D_ sees communication design as something broader than just image and text. We believe that when designing impactful interactive exhibits, we need to respond to the communication habits and cultures of our audiences. In doing so, we look at the latest trends on social media, gaming, youth culture, fashion, art and advertising.