• Business Case Development

    Closely tied to the project vision is the establishment of a solid business case for the development of a visitor attraction project. This is where numbers speak more than words and visuals.

    Is the project viable?
    Together with our international expert partners, Formula D_ will establish how many visitors can realistically be expected, how many are needed to make the project viable, and what monetisation options the project offers.

    What is the return on investment?
    A cost-benefit analysis will include projections of initial capital expenditure and operational costs. The project will then be benchmarked against comparable attractions and more in-depth market research will be conducted as necessary. First and foremost, the business case will make a compelling argument why you or your partners should invest in the project and what profits they can expect in return.

    How will the project be implemented and by whom?
    Last but not least, as part of the business case development, we will establish an implementation plan with realistic timeframes and milestones. Our experts in visitor attraction design also define roles and key activities for the execution of your project from inception to opening.