Shark Sense Virtual Reality Exhibit

    Multiple Clients - 2017

    The Shark Sense 4D virtual reality exhibit was originally designed for the Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre in Kalk Bay but has since been incorporated into the Frost Science Museum in Miami. Enquire now about adding it to your aquarium, museum or science centre.

    Iron A'Design Award 2018

  • Shark Sense Virtual Reality Exhibit

    Both the Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre, situated South Africa, and the Frost Science Museum, located in the USA, are working hard to debunk myths surrounding sharks. For this purpose, our virtual reality exhibit design team created the Shark Sense 4D virtual reality exhibit.

    Based on the principles of experiential learning, the experience is designed as an immersive virtual reality education game to educate visitors to your centre about sharks' highly developed sense of hearing, smell, sight and touch.

    Using the handlebars to move the shark head, visitors navigate the 3D virtual reality underwater world and learn to hunt prey like a shark using their senses. Visitors experience the shark’s sense of hearing with speakers built into the head while fans are used to simulate their sense of smell.
    The mounted display also vibrates to mimic the electromagnetic field which sharks can detect when they are very close to their prey.

    Voice overs and a custom-built table that responds to the player’s actions in the shark head makes the exhibit a social experience – allowing other visitors to congregate and learn from the experience simultaneously.

    The Shark Sense 4D virtual reality exhibit has the potential to be applied to other creatures (such as ants, eagles or whales). Contact us if you’re interested in one of these applications or would like to know more about the services we offer.