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Inspiring change through Interactive Sustainable Exhibits

At formula D_ we’re committed to shaping a sustainable future through engaging experiences. Our exhibits align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing critical global issues by raising awareness and inspiring change.

Life Below Water

Our oceans and marine life are crucial for the survival of humanity. Among the many critical functions of the oceans, they serve as vital sources of food, medicine, and drinking water. However, unsustainable human activities, such as pollution and overfishing, are pushing our ocean habitats to the brink of collapse. We urgently need to raise awareness and inspire action to protect our oceans.

1_ Shark Sense VR

Players hunt for food like a shark with the Shark Sense VR exhibit. This exciting interactive display fosters understanding and empathy for the amazing abilities of sharks while promoting their conservation.

2_ Marine Heroes Touch Table

With this interactive multiplayer game, players learn about different responsible fishing practices and champion sustainable consumption.

Life on Land

This SDG protects land, forests, and biodiversity, combating desertification and pollution. Our exhibits serve as a wake-up call, educating, inspiring action, and garnering global support for conservation.

3_ Biodiversity Choices

Players discover the vulnerability of the web of life as they experiment with adding and removing items in an ecosystem.

Turtle Sense

4_ Turtle Sense VR

Our virtual reality exhibit allows players to explore a first-person view of a sea turtle. They can experience turtles’ senses, challenges, and the impacts on their survival through this engaging and educational experience.

Responsible Consumption and Production_

The SDG for Responsible Consumption and Production aims to reduce waste, save resources, and protect the environment while fostering a sustainable world for all. Our exhibits allow your audience to discover how they can make eco-friendly choices.

Green Team touch table

5_ Green Team Touch Table

In this multiplayer, interactive touch table game, players earn Earth Tokens when making sustainable decisions!

Roper Mountain's customised Eco Shopper

6_ Eco Shopper

The interactive exhibit promotes eco-conscious consumption by helping players connect shopping choices to their impact on waste, encouraging critical thinking.

Climate Action_

This SDG unites us to combat climate change globally, fostering unity and igniting a shared determination to safeguard our planet for future generations. Our exhibits, strategically designed to emphasize the urgency of addressing environmental challenges, inspire action for a sustainable world while nurturing a sense of collective responsibility among visitors from all walks of life.

Living Earth

7_ Living Earth Touch Table

Let your audience explore Earth’s wonders, like El Nino and carbon cycles, fostering an appreciation for the interconnectedness of a healthy planet.

Pledge Wall from Smart Living

8_ Sustainability Pledge Handprint

This kiosk features an audience feedback app to set personal sustainability goals and reinforce the educational objectives that will help you measure the impact of the experience.

Clean Energy_

The Clean Energy goal strives for global access to affordable, sustainable energy with a focus on renewables. Our exhibits spark awareness, educate, inspire action, and empower visitors to support the urgent shift to clean energy.

Smart Living 3D Energy City

9_ 3D Energy City

This interactive exhibit explores energy management, sustainability, and power generation. Choices of two competing players are visualized on a projection-mapped city model.

Water Wise Challenge

10_ Water Wise Challenge

This exhibit features a large interactive screen showing a leaking plumbing system. Players fix leaks by answering critical questions about sustainable water consumption.