Online and Mobile Development

    Talking Head Educational App

    University of Cape Town - 2017

    To make the discussion of “What is a mind?” more accessible to students around the world, we designed and developed the interactive Talking Head e-learning solution.

  • Talking Head Educational App

    “What is a mind?” This is an important question that Professor Mark Solms, Cape Town’s world-renowned authority in the field of Neuropsychology, strives to answer. His insights are so significant that many believe they must be made available to the general public. With the support of Mellon Foundation, the University of Cape Town commissioned our e-learning solutions team to create an interactive audio-visual journey as an introduction for scholars and laymen.

    Our team put together an interactive online educational app that allows visitors to navigate through a series of short video lectures exploring assorted topics about the mind.

    Content structure and navigation are designed as a dynamically generated “mind map” which hovers around Prof Solms’ head as he speaks letting users jump from one train of content to the next.
    Linked to the lectures is an anatomically correct interactive 3D illustration of the brain. Relevant brain areas are highlighted as they are referred to in the videos.

    The Talking Head educational app is not only an important vehicle to make Neuropsychology available to a broader audience, it is also a glimpse into the future of web-based video lecturing enhanced with interactive functionality, audience feedback and dynamic data visualization.