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    South African Jewish Museum

    South African Jewish Museum - 2013

    We custom designed a large touch screen lectern kiosk and application, complete with content management system, for the South African Jewish Museum.

  • South African Jewish Museum

    The South African Jewish Museum, located in Cape Town, is renowned for its beautiful architecture and state of the art galleries. The museum has been in the process of gradually upgrading their technology displays and commissioned our team of digital exhibit design specialists to create a touch screen kiosk for the centre.

    We designed the iconic touch screen lectern to inform visitors about Jewish personalities who have contributed to the richly textured society that is South Africa. Using the custom-made touch application, visitors can select a person by flicking through a library of portraits or through a category selection including art, business, sports or politics.

    Once a visitor selects a personality, a short biography and multimedia gallery with videos, images and captions showcase the life and work of the respective individual.
    In anticipation of a growing number of contributors featured in the app, we designed a content management system that allows for adding and editing of people and their information.

    The interactive display was designed to complement the modern look of the museum using glass and stainless steel as the dominant materials. The use of clean lines and elementary shapes in the design draws visitor attention to the touch screen kiosk and its content and not to the object. After all, the stars of this beautiful exhibit are the extraordinary Jewish personalities who contributed to South African life and culture.