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    Smart Living Challenge Zone

    Two Oceans Aquarium - 2015

    The four interactive and 3D exhibits that make up the Smart Living Challenge Zone at the Two Oceans Aquarium collectively engage and teach visitors about city-power generation, biodiversity, waste and water through activities they can link to their own lives and experiences.

  • Smart Living Challenge Zone

    For the Smart Living Challenge Zone at the Two Oceans Aquarium we used a combination of creative exhibit design techniques and technologies – including 3D projection and digital touch interfaces as well as hands-on 3D exhibit design - to engage visitors and aid learning.

    At the Biodiversity 3D exhibit, visitors make choices and pull up tabs to affect a digital ecosystem thus showing them how their actions (such as illegal dumping or planting indigenous species) have positive and negative impacts on the environment.

    Visitors scanning barcodes at the Waste Wall installation – a 3D exhibit designed to resemble ordinary shop shelves – become aware of how their shopping choices could contribute to the production of waste and the filling of landfill sites.
    The Water Wall touch projection challenges visitors to answer a series of questions to stop leaking pipes and dripping taps in an animated plumbing system. The goal is to fix as many leaks simultaneously so that the water savings tank fills up to the top and requires multiple visitors to work as a team to win the game!

    Finally, the Cityscape 3D projection and interactive touch devices provide visitors with the opportunity to experiment with power generation and the challenges involved in energy-efficient city planning.

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