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    Shark Education Centre

    Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre - 2015

    For the Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre in Kalk Bay, we designed a series of interactive custom exhibits, included a multitouch table and virtual reality experience, for children to discover, learn about and care for different shark species.

    2016 Red Dot Design Award: Interface Design

  • Shark Education Centre

    The Save Our Seas Shark Education Centre, situated in Kalk Bay, South Africa, is working hard to debunk the myths that surround sharks. To this end, our team of product designers, programmers, engineers and game designers custom-built the Shark Sense 4D Virtual Reality Exhibit along with a Shark Explorer multitouch table and Marine Life telephone.

    The Shark Sense 4D Virtual Reality Exhibit allows visitors to navigate an underwater world and experience first-hand what it would be like to be a shark hunting its prey. Visitors experience the shark’s sense of hearing with speakers built into the head while fans are used to stimulate their sense of smell. The mounted display also vibrates to mimic the electromagnetic field which sharks can detect when they are very close to their prey.
    Created using AIR technology, the Shark Explorer, is a multi-user multitouch table application that challenges users to discover a variety of different shark species. By navigating a boat around the digital ocean, users need to find the 15 unique sharks hiding under the waters. When a user finds an unknown shark, they unlock a “Shark Card” which provides more information on that particular type of shark. The Shark Cards also feature images and videos about the species.

    Finally, the Marine Life telephone allowed children to “call” personifications of different marine wildlife, interacting with seals, sharks and dolphins.