Museum and Visitor Centres

    Museum of Science and Technology of Islam (MOSTI)

    MTE Studios - 2009

    Our turnkey solution of 21 culturally sensitive interactive museum exhibits were custom designed and built for the Museum of Science and Technology in Islam (MOSTI) in Saudi Arabia.

    2010 Loerie Gold: Overall design excellence
    2010 Loerie Silver: Outstanding timeline multi-touch table
    2010 Gold Craft Award: Digital Crafts

  • Museum of Science and Technology of Islam (MOSTI)

    To explore and bring to life the technical and scientific advances made in the Muslim world between 700BC and 1700BC, we included 21 interactive museum exhibits as part of our turnkey solution.

    The museum’s interactive displays covered a vast number of fields and topics including maths, medicine, botany, chemistry, astronomy, art and architecture and needed to be culturally appropriate and sensitive. The content of the exhibits also needed to be both English and Arabic and our team eventually developed a genuine Arabic text display function in Adobe Flash as simply arranging the text right did not display the Arabic correctly.
    For the MOSTI Museum we custom built the following exhibits:

    Multitouch Interactive Timeline Table
    • Muslim Town Development Topographical Projection
    • Geometric Art Multitouch Table
    Interactive Muslim World Map and Book Exhibit
    • Mathematics Card Table
    • “Why did Islamic Science flourish?” Sliding Screen
    • 12 Other Classic Touch Screen Applications
    Museum Quiz Game