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    Khayelitsha Memory Centre

    Western Cape Provincial Government - 2014

    A memory centre is a physical space that holds the collective and individual memories of a community and allows for sharing of cultural heritage, resources and information. The interpretive exhibit design concept for the Khayelitsha centre includes a trading store and memory radio.
    The Khayelitsha Memory Centre concept by Formula D interactive

  • Khayelitsha Memory Centre

    A memory centre is a designed for communities to share collective and individual memories, and access and contribute to cultural heritage and resources and information.

    For the Khayelitsha Memory Centre, a project designed to engage citizens and focus on the near-lost oral history from evicted community members, our interpretive exhibit design team proposed first to invest in a participatory design workshop. The workshop was attended by city officials and residents in October 2013 and resulted in an action plan to allow for citizen co-creation of exhibit content and elements of museum building.

    Key components include a travelling memory fair to ignite dialogue around the topic, a history trading store concept, where memories can be traded for goods, and a memory radio to encourage a community of active citizens around the subject.