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    Swazi Yolo HIV Prevention Game

    Kyoto University - 2016

    An HIV awareness game, Swazi Yolo was put together by our educational mobile game development team to invite players to explore choices about relationships and sexual health.

  • Swazi Yolo HIV Prevention Game

    Bhekumusa Lukhele, a PhD candidate in medical science at the Kyoto University, Japan, approached us with his vision for the educational mobile game developed specifically for HIV awareness and prevention in sub-Saharan Africa.

    Rather than just providing the usual list of do’s and don’ts, our team of game design team developed Swazi Yolo as a serious game that would educate players through a fun and entertaining experience that simulates life-like situations. Interactive role-playing games are a terrific opportunity for people to not only learn about their own behaviour, but also to experiment with alternative behaviours, and experience causes and consequences in a safe environment.

    Swazi Yolo is an interactive, educational story game which puts the player in the role of a young adult looking for love in Mbabane, making important choices about relationships and sexual health.
    The game is developed to exist in two major parts with the first part simulating current social networking and dating tools like Facebook and OKCupid. The second part of the game simulates nightlife activities. The decisions they make will influence the opinions and behaviour of other characters, as well as the player’s own health and safety.

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