Giant holographic media show

    11th Hour Racing -

    11th Hour Racing commissioned an interactive educational experience to debut at the Transat Jacques Vabre race village in France but which could also tour the world as part of The Ocean Race. The central piece of the temporary visitor experience was a six-metre-wide holographic display featuring photorealistic 3D animations delivered through a Large Interactive Laser Lightfield Installation.

  • Giant holographic media show

    11th Hour Racing is an initiative that works with sailing communities and maritime organisations to highlight the importance of protecting the health of our oceans and to encourage rehabilitation. As an official partner of the bi-annual Transat Jacques Vabre yacht race in the Atlantic Ocean, it wanted to promote its vision of "healthy future seas and a healthy planet" with an eye-catching pop-up educational experience for event visitors that would make its debut in the race village, which was centred on a quay in Le Havre, France. However it also wanted the experience to be flexible enough to be adapted, moved, and installed in other cities as part of future pop-up educational events during The Ocean Race, an around-the-world yacht race.

    formula D_ designed an immersive cinematic experience featuring a massive six-metre-wide holographic display as the centrepiece, which utilises Large Interactive Laser Lightfield Installation ("LILLI") technology. The display's three-dimensional imagery comprises photo-realistic animated projections of sea creatures that live above and below the water along the Transat Jacques Vabre race route between Le Havre and Fort-de-France, Martinique.
    These creatures, an albatross and a sea turtle, play a central role in telling an emotive story of how changes in ocean health affect and threaten their existence. The holographic display was augmented with a rousing theatrical soundtrack, as well as floor projections of ocean imagery that provide additional visual cues.

    Visitors were also able to interact with the floor projections, which feature bilingual text that provides more information about climate change, ocean pollution, and over fishing, and what steps people can take to help to make positive changes in the ocean environment. This encouraged active participation in the educational experience, while keeping visitors safe during the pandemic as the interaction didn't require anyone to touch or press anything, they only had to stand on call-to-action spots in the projections, which triggered the reveal of the additional information.