Museum and Visitor Centres

    Centre for Public Service Innovation

    CPSI - 2010

    Several digital exhibits form part of the turnkey solution for the CPSI Multimedia Innovation Centre. These included interactive floor projections, interactive wall projections, gesture interface multimedia kiosks and multitouch tables.

  • Centre for Public Service Innovation

    The Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) is mandated to unearth, develop and implement innovative ideas within and throughout the public service. For their multimedia innovation centre, they commissioned a turnkey solution where an interactive learning environment would be created with multimedia installations and learning tools.

    Using cutting-edge technology, we designed the interactive exhibits around strategic content relevant to the goal of enhancing innovation in the public sector. The interactive displays show best practice studies and explain methods and strategies for implementing innovation.

    The installations include a 6-metre interactive wall projection that welcomes visitors and informs them about
    the 6 most vital elements in an innovative organisation, an interactive floor projection that lets visitors eliminate Barriers to Innovation in a playful manner, and two gesture interface multimedia kiosk systems displaying Factors That Foster Innovation and Best Practice in Innovation locally and around the world.

    A 2 by 2 metre multi-touch wall provides a Public Service Explorer: learning and planning software which takes users step by step through various processes in public service in South Africa. Groups of visitors can also contribute to various discussion threads initiated by CPSI, simultaneously or one after the other on a multitouch table.