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    Cape Town Holocaust Centre

    Holocaust and Genocide Centre - 2015

    The interactive museum exhibits at the Cape Town Holocaust Centre showcase the personal stories, poetry and paintings of those that survived the atrocities of the Jewish Holocaust as well as archival documents and film footage.

  • Cape Town Holocaust Centre

    While the Cape Town Holocaust centre already had content for their interactive museum exhibits, our specialist design team was tasked with restructuring and redesigning the existing media and installations. We also put together a full AV solution that allowed for a single button auto start-up and shut-down for the entire centre.

    An animated projection was created to showcase the artwork of children from this period in a slideshow while a touch screen application displayed the towns, villages and cities of Latvia and Lithuania, their Jewish families and how they were affected during World War II.

    Finally, personal accounts of the atrocities faced by Jewish families during the Holocaust is displayed as an animation while a hauntingly beautiful Hebrew song plays.