Virtual Chemistry Lab

    The Virtual Chemistry Lab Table is an attractive alternative to the standard chemistry laboratory in schools and science centres. It offers a safe, interactive environment in which students can explore chemistry principles and experiment via a tactile, collaborative learning experience.

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  • Virtual Chemistry Lab

    The Virtual Chemistry Lab Table 2.0 is an interactive table that presents modules from the chemistry curriculum in a fun and safe environment.

    The table features an LED touchscreen that supports both finger and gloved-finger multitouch, as well as object recognition via six tokens.

    Users can move these tokens on the table surface to activate content, and when not in use they can be stored in magnetic snap-in cradles.

    The table and tokens, which are durable and easy to clean, are designed to replace the equipment in school chemistry laboratories and take centre stage in museums and science centres as the system allows for experimentation of scientific principles without mess or the potential hazardous consequences of Bunsen burners and dangerous chemical reactions.

    Up to four simultaneous users can interact with the table, which also accommodates wheelchairs. The six tokens feature substances and elements and they can be used on the table surface to interact with the periodic table or to mix chemicals in virtual experiments to observe the various outcomes without users worrying about making a mistake that could be dangerous in the real world.

    Instead, along with safety information, users receive instantaneous audiovisual feedback with short audio descriptions of what is happening and animations and sound effects that are designed to be attention grabbing and informative.

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  • Virtual Chemistry Lab

    Module content for the virtual chemistry lab table can be customised and created to meet the required learning outcomes for your centre.

    Components6mm Tempered Glass
    Intel Core i5
    Microsoft Windows 10
    Sound 2.1 Sound system
    Dimensions - assembled (mm)L 1440 x W 1150 x H 758
    Dimensions - shipping (mm)L 1550 x W 1250 x H 860
    EnvironmentDry indoor space
    ApplicationScience and visitor centres
    Schools and education centres
    Target and Age Group12 years and older
    Learning OutcomeKnowledge and understanding of various chemical processes and reactions
    Reading Level12 years and over
    Sound 2.1 Speaker System
    Inclusive DesignWheel chair friendly