Floor Projection Recycling Game

    Combine learning and fun with our interactive floor projection Recycling Game that teaches children of all ages about recyclable materials using a specialised motion detection system.

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  • Floor Projection Recycling Game

    The Recycling Game is a carefully designed, fun and interaction floor projection game that teaches players about recyclable materials and how they can be identified. Players engage with the game using a real broom and sort through different types of waste that is virtually projected onto the floor.

    Sweeping the animated virtual waste into the correct waste containers in the corners of the projected image earns the player points and the voice over will celebrate their success. Other feedback, as well as “Did you know” information snippets, are also provided by the voice over during and after each game cycle to ensure learning outcomes are achieved by both players and onlookers.

    The interactive floor projection game’s system consists of an infrared camera, a PC and a data projector fitted into a compact housing that is simply mounted onto the ceiling of your venue.
    Tracking the movement of visitors passing over a defined floor area, the software directs projected images and sound accordingly.

    Since there is no physical contact between player and technology, the exhibit is very low on maintenance.
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  • Floor Projection Recycling Game

    The Floor Projection Recycling Game can be set up in any venue with a 3m by 3m floor space covered by a ceiling.

    ComponentsFull HD Projector
    Camera tracking system
    Intel Core i5
    Microsoft Windows 10
    Dimensions3000 x 3000mm Floor Area
    4500mm Ceiling
    EnvironmentDry indoor space
    Installation requirementsPlug and play
    Science Centres
    Visitor Centres
    Public Spaces
    Target and Age GroupChildren (10+) and Adults
    Learning OutcomeDiscovering what waste can be recycled
    Reading LevelReading not essential
    Voice over for all critical messages
    Duration5-10 minutes per visitor
    User experience varies for repeat play
    Sound2.1 Sound System