3D Cityscape Energy Exhibit

    The 3D Cityscape Energy Exhibit uses 3D projections and touch devices to challenge visitors to make choices around energy-efficient city planning and, in doing so, teaches them about various aspects of power generation.

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  • 3D Cityscape Energy Exhibit

    Using 3D projection technology, the 3D Cityscape Energy Exhibit creates an opportunity visitors to learn about energy-efficient city planning in a fun and engaging manner. The exhibit features a 3D cityscape onto which various scenarios are projected. These projections are affected by the interactions visitors have with the touch devices permanently installed around the exhibit.

    The applications loaded onto these devices challenge visitors to make choices about energy-efficient city planning and they see the immediate effect of their choices in the images projected onto the cityscape. This instant feedback ensures visitors make the connections between choices and outcomes, and learning outcomes are achieved.

    The interactive exhibit:

    • Is designed for a multi-user educational experience
    • Provides information on several types of power generation
    • Includes information on solar, wind, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power
    • Presents challenges to the visitor around choices on lighting, heating, cooking etc
    • Asks the visitor to balance monetary and environmental effects
    • Designed for rugged museum and science exhibition environments

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  • 3D Cityscape Energy Exhibit

    The 3D Cityscape Energy Exhibit is ideal for museums, visitor centres, science centres and has even been installed in an aquarium space. The energy exhibit can be customised to the needs and specifications of your centre and our team of specialists can create the ideal city model for your science exhibition.

    ComponentsFull HD Projector
    Built-in Controller PC
    2x Tablet PC's
    WiFi router
    Automatic Key switch system
    Sound 2.1 Sound system
    Dimensions L 37309 x W 2013 x H 113
    3400mm Minimum Ceiling
    EnvironmentDry indoor
    ApplicationScience and visitor centres
    Aquariums and zoos
    Education centres
    Target and Age GroupChildren (10+) and adults
    Learning OutcomeMonetary and environmental impacts of different power generation options and of different energy consumption habits
    Reading Level10 years and over
    DurationAbout 10 minutes
    Inclusive DesignWheel chair friendly