Immersive Interactive Experience

    Interactive projections with motion tracking technology create an immersive environment that can be customised for museums, science centres, public spaces and branded experiences.

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  • Immersive Interactive Experience

    Formula D’s Immersive Interactive Experiences enable your audiences to interact naturally with life-sized interactive audio-visual projections. Let visitors dive into the Mariana Trench or climb the Olympus Mons with a technology-packed gallery at your museum or science centre.

    With more than 10 years’ experience in designing interactive audio-visual environments, Formula D is a world expert in custom-designed immersive interactive experiences fit for any size space and content.

    Powered by Formula D’s DSENSE object, gesture and body tracking framework, we can seamlessly capture hand, feet and body movements in real-time in almost any size environment. Designed by our team of visitor interactions design specialists, the photorealistic simulations, animations and 3D soundscapes encouraging natural sense exploration and discovery for visitors to any centre.
    These experiences can be augmented with physical tools that add an additional layer to the experience and deepen the immersion for visitors.

    Blended HD Projections: The Immersive Interactive Experience seamlessly blends multiple HD projection animated images.

    3D Audio: A wall-embedded speaker system is used to create a distributed 3D audio experience.

    Smart Tools & Physical Interfaces: The DSENSE recognition technology allows visitors to interactive with animations using physical tools.

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