Dino Explorer VR Exhibit

    Based on our award-winning Shark Sense 4D VR exhibit, the Dino Explorer VR exhibit is now available for your science museum or educational centre.

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  • Dino Explorer VR Exhibit

    The Dino Explorer VR Exhibit brings the prehistoric world to life for visitors, helping them grasp key aspects of the Cretaceous period and what we know about these creatures today, with a unique virtual reality experience.

    By placing their head into a realistically designed dinosaur head, visitors are able to experience the world from a dinosaur’s point of view.

    As they navigate through a realistic 3D environment by moving the head left or right, the VR journey immerses visitors in a prehistoric adventure. Challenged to stick with their herd to find food and water, they must avoid being caught by the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    Throughout the adventure, visitors will receive audiovisual feedback teaching them about important aspects of the cretaceous period and the animals that inhabited it. The table top of the exhibit will also display a timeline that lights up as visitors move through the realistically rendered prehistoric landscape and allows for a social exhibit enjoyed by multiple visitors at once.

    The Dino Explorer VR Exhibit:

    • Is child and wheelchair friendly
    • Is designed for demanding public environments
    • Uses proven and tested technology

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