Interactive Visitor Orientation Map

    A physical model combined with digital 3D projection and touch screens give your visitors an overview and orientation of your heritage site or museum. The self-contained, freestanding display is customisable to your requirements.

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  • Interactive Visitor Orientation Map

    Orientation maps are a must for every museum, tourist visitor centre or heritage site. An alternative for the often-confusing graphical orientation panels, we provide a cost-effective, interactive visitor orientation map with a physical 3D scale model of the respective site at its centre.

    Augmented with an interactive top-down 3D projection, the display offers visitors a personalised view onto the site providing the information they look for. This is made possible with several touch screens connected to the interactive model, providing visitors information about their points of interest.

    When selecting a point of interest, visitors will be presented with relevant information, such as video, text and images on the touch screen and projected onto the 3D model.
    Interactive information on the 3D model may include location markers, recommended routes, or special effects such as cutaways to reveal hidden archaeological or geological sites.

    The central 3D projection image can also be animated to demonstrate historic changes, specific events, weather or other features of the site. Linked to your Building Management System (BIM) the map may even tip off visitors about high traffic areas and congestion in certain galleries. Our experienced design team will work with you to create model and content specific to your museum, science centre or visitor centre.

    The Interactive Visitor Orientation Map is suitable for up to 10 visitors simultaneously. Custom solutions for larger numbers are possible.
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  • Interactive Visitor Orientation Map

    The 3D landscape with mapped interactive projection is controlled via multiple tablet devices and constructed from high quality timber board products and steel. The system, which includes a full high definition projector, is controlled by a central PC and integrated WiFi network.

    ComponentsFull HD Projector
    3x Tablet PC's
    WiFi router
    Automatic Key switch system
    Sound 2.1 Sound system
    Dimensions L 2275 x W 2275 x H 760
    4400mm Minimum Ceiling
    EnvironmentDry indoor space
    ApplicationMuseums and Science Centres, Heritage sites, Visitor centres, Tourism centres
    Target and Age GroupChildren (10+) and adults
    Learning OutcomeDefined by custom application made to your requirements
    Reading Level10 years and over
    Duration2-3 minutes per visitor
    Inclusive DesignWheel chair friendly