COVID19 has changed visitor experiences. It’s time to respond.

Covis19 changed visitor experiences

As we start to accept that the threat of COVID19 won’t be disappearing anytime soon, visitor attractions around the world plan to re-open, cautiously trying to find a healthy balance between visitor engagement and safety from a potentially life-threatening virus. As with the virus, there is optimism this can be overcome, however, immediate and long-term […]

Visitor attraction design holds the key to tourism growth

Visitor attractions form the backbone of tourism, but to ensure continued growth in visitor numbers tourism destinations will need to stay on the forefront of global visitor attraction trends and technologies. Tourism is one of South Africa’s most reliable economic sectors for showing growth. According to the Department of Tourism, tourism contributed R136.1 billion (about […]

Unlocking Old Fort’s Secrets

  The Old Fort on the Constitution Hill precinct is undergoing a massive visitor experience upgrade that uses technology and innovative design to showcase a pertinent part of South Africa’s history and journey to democracy. Formerly known as the Johannesburg Jail, the Old Fort housed white male political and common law prisoners, as well as […]

Formula D’s Virtual Reality Museum Exhibits win A’ Awards

The “River of Grass” Everglades immersive experience, designed by a South African interactive design firm has been internationally and awarded a Gold A’ Design Award in the Interface and Interaction Design Category of the international A’ Design Competition. The Golden A’ design award was awarded to the firm’s immersive media experience titled River of Grass […]

Interning at Formula D Interactive: One month in.

Maxime Laprade shares his experience interning here at Formula D after just one month.

Digital Interactive Innovation at Miami Museum

After five years and more than $305 million, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami opened its doors to the public in May this year.

Smarter living through interactive exhibits? A case study

The Smart Living Challenge Zone was installed at the Two Oceans Aquarium in November 2015 to create awareness around the sustainability issues of water, waste, energy and biodiversity.

Rethinking the process of museum making

Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s biggest township, needs a museum to commemorate the area’s violent history of state-sanctioned racism, political activism and forced evictions.

Designing the future of history in South African museums

Local interactive technology design expert Formula D interactive has worked with local museums in Southern Africa on upgrading their exhibitions.

Infamous South African prison to be converted into state of the art museum experience

The Old Prison Museum in Pietermaritzburg is a monument for the ill-treatment of human rights in South Africa during Apartheid.

Catch of the day: SA interactive designers hook international science museum project

Cape Town-based Formula D interactive to design and build installation for new Frost Museum of Science in Miami, Florida.

World design capital 2014 – participatory design and experimentation are key to urban innovation

The World Design Capital project should be used as an opportunity to focus on developing change strategies following a bigger vision.

Interactive installation creates awareness for the threatened Cape Leopard

Leopard’s Leap commissioned Formula D interactive to design and build an educational leopard display for their visitor centre.

Gandhi prison interactive museum project in South Africa seeks funding

Burger Street prison in Pietermaritzburg has exceptional historic significance for South Africa and its people.

Opportunities and challenges of digital interactive media in museums and science centres

Curators, educators and exhibition designers find a number of benefits in using new media technology in museums, science centres, zoos and aquariums. The following plead looks at 4 arguments: Adaptability, “Intelligent” data systems, Simulation, and Attraction.

Gold Loerie award for interactive digital museum exhibition design

Two Loerie Awards awarded to Formula D interactive and partners for work on museum in Saudi Arabia.

Interactive projection for Cape Town tourism visitor centre unveiled

New visitor centre of Cape Town Tourism in Burg street unveiled.

Cape Town design firms develop giant interactive touch-table for Saudi museum

How would a museum display a timeline of more than 300 events in an innovative way?

Educational multi-touch wall installation at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town

Interactive frog Touch Wall at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town designed to immerse visitors in habitats of threatened frogs.