COVID19 has changed visitor experiences. It’s time to respond.

Covis19 changed visitor experiences

As we start to accept that the threat of COVID19 won’t be disappearing anytime soon, visitor attractions around the world plan to re-open, cautiously trying to find a healthy balance between visitor engagement and safety from a potentially life-threatening virus. As with the virus, there is optimism this can be overcome, however, immediate and long-term […]

Formula D’s Virtual Reality Museum Exhibits win A’ Awards

The “River of Grass” Everglades immersive experience, designed by a South African interactive design firm has been internationally and awarded a Gold A’ Design Award in the Interface and Interaction Design Category of the international A’ Design Competition. The Golden A’ design award was awarded to the firm’s immersive media experience titled River of Grass […]

Interning at Formula D Interactive: One month in.

Maxime Laprade shares his experience interning here at Formula D after just one month.

The Formula D Interactive Dancefloor

A look at collaborative game mechanics, relevant for the design of serious games.

Digital Interactive Innovation at Miami Museum

After five years and more than $305 million, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami opened its doors to the public in May this year.

Redesigning Libraries with people at the centre through Interaction Design

Media and information technology plays an integral role in the design of 21st century public learning environments.

Local innovation acknowledged on Global Platform for creating a more sustainable world

A mobile inspection tool designed to improve service delivery in low income areas has been selected for the 2016 Sustainia100.

Formula D wins gold award for innovative property app

An innovative app that helped a developer sell more than R300-milllion worth of property in three months has won a Gold Award for Technical Innovation.

Designing the future of history in South African museums

Local interactive technology design expert Formula D interactive has worked with local museums in Southern Africa on upgrading their exhibitions.

Examples of non-traditional interfaces for education in South Africa

Specifically non-traditional interfaces create opportunities for computer supported co-located learning and accessibility.

How designers shape the world: a short essay on cartography, design and ideology

World maps are not truer to the reality of the world than a spreadsheet with landmass figures of each continent.

Gentrification and the creative industries: an interview with prof Dr. Oliver Baron

Oliver Baron heading up group of German design students from Koeln International School of Design in collaboration with local design students from CPUT.

Interaction design for learning

Engagement points for interaction designers to make technology count for education.

Saudi food and drug authority works with South African design company to produce state of the art multi-touch wall

Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) turns to Formula D interactive to create an innovative multi-touch wall.

International design project researches gentrification in Berlin and Cape Town

The Köln International School of Design, the Faculty of Informatics and Design of the Cape Peninsula University and Formula D interactive cooperate on an international design project investigating the effect of gentrification in Neukölln, Berlin and Cape Town, The Fringe.

World design capital 2014 – participatory design and experimentation are key to urban innovation

The World Design Capital project should be used as an opportunity to focus on developing change strategies following a bigger vision.

Designing interfaces to humanise technology

The way we interact with all the small and big machines we handle and inhabit in our daily lives tells us a lot about our personal relationship with technology. What do we actually want from technology and are we really getting it? Which side is more adaptive and compensates for the flaws of the other; […]

Recycling education with an interactive floor projection game

The Recycling Floor projection Game educates players about different recyclable materials and how they can be identified.

25 questions and answers on Art, Technology and Design

25 questions about design, art and tech to Michael Wolf.

Innovating education in South Africa: Formula D interactive presents a virtual yet tangible chemistry lab

Formula D Interactive developed a Virtual Chemistry Lab as a safe low cost alternative to standard chemistry laboratory in schools.

Ibali – speaking public furniture design to inspire citizens

ibali is a public furniture design concept designed by Johan du Toit and Michael Wolf from Formula D interactive.

Product design in Cape Town: an interview with Johan du Toit

How long have you been working as a product designer in Cape Town? At the end of 2011, 20 years! Who do you work for and what are you currently working on? I’m part of Formula D interactive, currently refining our multi-touch table and pattern recognition table designs for full scale production. I am also working […]

Toppling Godsigner – Jenna Mervis talks to Cape Town’s Mugendi M’rithaa about transformative design

Cape Town’s Mugendi M’rithaa on transformative design

How to design technology tools for the classroom of tomorrow

“The South African classroom of the future” – a workshop at CSIR

Opportunities and challenges of digital interactive media in museums and science centres

Curators, educators and exhibition designers find a number of benefits in using new media technology in museums, science centres, zoos and aquariums. The following plead looks at 4 arguments: Adaptability, “Intelligent” data systems, Simulation, and Attraction.

Gold Loerie award for interactive digital museum exhibition design

Two Loerie Awards awarded to Formula D interactive and partners for work on museum in Saudi Arabia.

Multimedia innovation centre in Pretoria showcases cutting edge media technology for the public sector

The Centre for Public Service Innovation opens doors to multimedia innovation centre in Pretoria.

Interactive projection for Cape Town tourism visitor centre unveiled

New visitor centre of Cape Town Tourism in Burg street unveiled.

Back to the future of interface design with Microsoft

Microsoft’s office lab’s future vision montage promises “a glimpse at the future” of communication and interface technologies.

Educational multi-touch wall installation at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town

Interactive frog Touch Wall at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town designed to immerse visitors in habitats of threatened frogs.