Immersive Learning to Reshape How the World Learns Using Tech

Immersive learning will fundamentally change the way young South Africans absorb information, and forms an integral part of the learning revolution the country needs to embark on to keep up with the demands of the future. According to Marco Rosa, managing director at Formula D, immersive learning has been scientifically proven as one of the […]

What if learning were ________?

Sometimes, a barrier to innovation is that we are too focussed on the most obvious expressions of complex problems. This is how we often miss the bigger picture and the opportunities that surround it. To get beyond these mental hurdles, at Formula D, we often ask ourselves “What if…?”. By producing scenarios, we challenge our […]

Unlocking Old Fort’s Secrets

  The Old Fort on the Constitution Hill precinct is undergoing a massive visitor experience upgrade that uses technology and innovative design to showcase a pertinent part of South Africa’s history and journey to democracy. Formerly known as the Johannesburg Jail, the Old Fort housed white male political and common law prisoners, as well as […]

Formula D’s Virtual Reality Museum Exhibits win A’ Awards

The “River of Grass” Everglades immersive experience, designed by a South African interactive design firm has been internationally and awarded a Gold A’ Design Award in the Interface and Interaction Design Category of the international A’ Design Competition. The Golden A’ design award was awarded to the firm’s immersive media experience titled River of Grass […]

Digital Interactive Innovation at Miami Museum

After five years and more than $305 million, the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science in Miami opened its doors to the public in May this year.

Blending technology and education: Game Lab expands reach to a second school

The Learning Innovation Design Lab is a not-for-profit initiative launched by Formula D interactive in 2014.

Smarter living through interactive exhibits? A case study

The Smart Living Challenge Zone was installed at the Two Oceans Aquarium in November 2015 to create awareness around the sustainability issues of water, waste, energy and biodiversity.

Books versus tablets in South African schools?

Earlier this year, the Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry of South Africa (TAPPSA) asked Michael Wolf a couple of questions for their journal around e-Learning and technology in South African classrooms.

Making the right connections at the right time in education

Education can benefit from ICT in a host of different areas from organisational management to learning tools, but what is the most powerful opportunity of all?

Formula D interactive tackles education crisis with human centered design processes

The Learning Innovation Design Lab allows learners from previously disadvantaged communities to engage with technology through computer games and creative workshops.

Examples of non-traditional interfaces for education in South Africa

Specifically non-traditional interfaces create opportunities for computer supported co-located learning and accessibility.

South African design consultancy nominated for “Games for Change” award

South African design firm nominated for Games for Change award.

Eskom uses video game to inform public about Energy Demand Management

Formula D interactive designed the Eskom Energy Planner Game to educate people on the different power generation technologies in an entertaining way.

Gentrification and the creative industries: an interview with prof Dr. Oliver Baron

Oliver Baron heading up group of German design students from Koeln International School of Design in collaboration with local design students from CPUT.

Interaction design for learning

Engagement points for interaction designers to make technology count for education.

International design project researches gentrification in Berlin and Cape Town

The Köln International School of Design, the Faculty of Informatics and Design of the Cape Peninsula University and Formula D interactive cooperate on an international design project investigating the effect of gentrification in Neukölln, Berlin and Cape Town, The Fringe.

Multitouch table helps young people to understand how personal choices affect their lives

The ability to choose is one of the things that makes us human. But making decisions is not always easy.

Innovating education in South Africa: Formula D interactive presents a virtual yet tangible chemistry lab

Formula D Interactive developed a Virtual Chemistry Lab as a safe low cost alternative to standard chemistry laboratory in schools.

Technology education versus Design education

What drives innovation? Technology or Design?

The IBP game: world wide learning through online gaming

The IBP – game is an online learning game designed for the International Budget Partnership.

Using e-learning games to inform didactic practice

An abstract as a proposal for a conference paper on e-learning games.

Requirements for computing devices in education

We should be thinking about devices designed for specific requirements, tasks, and user groups.

Educational multi-touch wall installation at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town

Interactive frog Touch Wall at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town designed to immerse visitors in habitats of threatened frogs.