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At formula D_ – trust, perseverance, and growth seemed to be the driving values that got us through 2022.

It was the first year most remote workers began to steadily filter back into the office, and that was no different for us. While many were keen to start integrating more office time into our weekly working routines – it did come with a bit of nervous anticipation. There seemed to be a shared awareness that our energy levels weren’t what they used to be and one’s social battery could run flat only half a workday into being at the office.

At the end of last year, a couple of our team members took it upon themselves to have an end-of-year debrief in which we were able to candidly admit that the year had been challenging – and it was. For a lot of people. The exercise felt cathartic and there was a sense of unity that emanated from that workshop. So much so that we started 2023 off by sharing our resolutions (both personal and work-related) that we’d set ourselves for the year. Which is how we got onto the topic of work/life balance.

This is no new concept – balance is essential to empower employees to work effectively and enable individuals to honour personal commitments. But 2022 allowed us to see the merit in rest and recharge time too. The expectation of life returning to normal saw a higher increase in burnout rates, to the extent that there were times throughout the year when rest was the only option that would allow us to get back to work, let alone do the job well.

One of formula D_’s biggest projects of 2022 was pulled off in just 30 days. A project of this size and scope probably should’ve been completed over the course of at least three months, and yet our team was able to successfully pull off a challenge like this, ensuring we exceeded the client’s expectations.

Whilst we pride ourselves on efficiency and high quality of work, this project was an impressive eye-opener as to what sustainable energy expenditure looks like for our team and how practising care, team support and growth have inadvertently become values that we carry through our work and company culture.

As a team, one of the things that we understand to be important is that your workplace can essentially operate as your second home – and your team a second family. Even if you work remotely. They are often the people that you’ll spend 8+ hours a day engaging with. This means, it’s necessary to get to know people on somewhat of a personal level to gain better insight into their daily challenges, what motivates them, and their ambitions.

This is why we’d like to share with you some of the reflections and resolutions from our team.

“Last year, I learned that I don’t need to be a superwoman fluidly changing roles from mom to colleague. I learned that personal pressures could show up at work, but the team supports this. Parenting alone can bring us a lot of pressure and stress at times, and sometimes even sleepless nights. I still need to show up at work the next day, but with this team, I can be open and let everyone know where I am at.”

Every year the team is faced with a challenging project brief, one that requires precise engineering and out-of-this-world creativity. This paired with juggling other projects, client expectations and home life would put a strain on anybody. This is why it’s important to acknowledge that everybody is trying and your best looks different every day.

“This year I have noticed the difference between being creative and assessing the client’s requirements and managing the balance between these two approaches. I have also learned how to intuitively give them what they don’t know they want yet. In this way, I can go that extra 5% beyond their expectations.”

“At work we have been challenged to say yes to new projects, challenging work and looking at this as an opportunity to build confidence in our ability to deliver.”

“This team and my work provide me with a platform for growth. I feel comfortable being myself here. I do have days where I feel under pressure with work, but I feel supported, seen, and a part of an inclusive team that cares.”

While this year has started with project planning meetings and team strategy sessions, we also found the time to share some personal resolutions for 2023.

“I would like to include my kids more in my exercise regime”

“I would like to sing at an open night mic.”

“I would like to practise being present and stop jumping ahead this year.”

I want to place a bigger emphasis on my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health”

As a company, fostering an engaging, inclusive, stimulating internal working culture has allowed us to pull off great things. Taking the time to have thirty-minute huddles has been a great way to pause and take stock. Our intention, as a team, for 2023 is to continue to grow our internal culture, and the team’s skill set and create inspiring and thought-provoking work that will leave an impact.