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The way we interact with all the small and big machines we handle and inhabit in our daily lives tells us a lot about our personal relationship with technology. What do we actually want from technology and are we really getting it? Which side is more adaptive and compensates for the flaws of the other; Human or machine? What role play designers and artists when designing interfaces for the many black boxes our scientists and engineers constantly surprise us with? Can only magic save us from becoming machines ourselves?

The video shows my 20 minutes talk from last July at Cape Town’s Creative Mornings event.

I give a brief introduction into my work designing interfaces, the in-between of human being and technology helping scientists and engineers not only marry the two, but to create something essential to the success of technology: Humane user interfaces.

The talk was part of July’s global Creative mornings theme of the intersection of arts and technology, inspired and supported by John Maeda an his STEM to STEAM initiative at RISD. Photo by Freddy Marschall on Unsplash.