• Engagement Strategy

    Before starting the design process, a comprehensive brief needs to be established. An effective brief includes key considerations and an executable engagement strategy.

    Why is an engagement strategy important?
    Since visitor attractions stand and fall with their ability to engage the audience around specific content, products and activities, a strategic approach to reaching the audience is of paramount importance. We want to do more than simply engage our audiences – we want to move them.

    What is the output of an engagement strategy?
    When devising an engagement strategy, Formula D_ connects the learnings from the audience analysis with the specific content or activities that are part of the offering, finding effective and innovative conceptual frameworks to deliver content and messages where our audience are most likely to hear them.
    A comprehensive engagement strategy outlines narrative angles and interpretation, level and form of interactivity, language, themes, and visual approach.

    What are the mindsets of our visitors?
    To establish the best approach to visitor engagement, Formula D_ draws on behavioural science, learning about the predispositions and mindsets of people. This enables us to pitch our messages where our audience is most receptive and allows us to respond to psychological biases making them work in our favour.