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    NESCA Visitor Centre

    NESCA - 2011

    Several exhibits were designed for the Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) Visitor Centre in Pretoria. Touch screen kiosks, interactive wall projections, touch screens, video displays, science museum games and quizzes, and a custom built nuclear control panel were all specially created for the centre.
    NESCA Science Centre Attractions created by Formula D interactive

  • NESCA Visitor Centre

    The Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA) Visitor Centre in Pretoria needed a variety of interactive multimedia exhibits and science museum games which would educate visitors on various aspects of the nuclear industry, from the history of the nuclear industry in South Africa, to nuclear fuel production and management.

    For this purpose, our team designed a number of interesting exhibits, installations and games including a touch screen kiosk, custom-made to resemble the NECSA logo and a 5.5 metre interactive wall projection displaying the timeline of the nuclear industry in South Africa.

    We also custom built the Nuclear Fuel Cycle exhibit which is fashioned after the traditional large nuclear plant control panel. Visitors trigger informative videos
    by pulling a large lever through set paths, from one numbered, clearly marked stage to the next, adding a satisfying hands-on involvement.

    Four touch screens educate the visitor on different types of energy sources, from wind power to nuclear, while the Energy Planner touch-table features an educational game where visitors can experiment and learn about city-power generation and planning. An eye-catching video wall display examines 10 myths about nuclear energy and visitors can also test their knowledge in a quiz on two touch-screens embedded into life-sized human wire sculptures.

    Meanwhile, the Waste Trolley exhibit might at first glance appear to just be two trolleys piled with junk but this interactive exhibit comes to life to display narrated videos on household and industrial waste.