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    Blok: Virtual Reality Real Estate App

    Blok - 2016

    We developed the Blok app to convert two-dimensional floor plans into a three-dimensional virtual reality,  interactive tour of the company’s real estate developments.

    2015 Bronze Award Digital & Interactive Communication
    2015 Bookmark Craft Award: Tech. Innovation
    2015 Digital Craft Certificate: Digital & Interactive Communication

  • Blok: Virtual Reality Real Estate App

    Blok, a real estate developer specialising in the Cape's Atlantic Seaboard, wanted to push property visualisation to the next level and approached our skilled team of developers to do just that.

    We developed the Blok app to takes two-dimensional floor plans and converts them into three-dimensional interactive virtual tours of the company’s developments.

    Whereas in pre-rendered virtual walk-throughs, the user has no control over the experience, Blok app walk-throughs are real-time and allow potential buyers to experience an apartment in exactly the way they want to: walking to every corner and seeing the view from every room and window.
    In addition to personalised walk through and comparisons of apartments, the app allows users to explore the surrounding vicinity and its amenities. Even views from windows are close to reality.

    The Blok app has been so successful that since launch we’ve had to continuously update it with new properties as the old ones are being sold. Driving an effective workflow which allows the generation of 3D geometry straight from the architect’s drawings, the apps true potential is the seamless integration of architectural design, visualization and sales tool.