Collaboration and Co-operation in Games

A look at collaborative game mechanics, relevant for the design of serious games.

Gaming: Serious about Africa’s health

No doubt you, or someone you love dearly, got swept up in the recent wave of health and fitness related apps and wearables.

South African design consultancy nominated for “Games for Change” award

South African design firm nominated for Games for Change award.

Eskom uses video game to inform public about Energy Demand Management

Formula D interactive designed the Eskom Energy Planner Game to educate people on the different power generation technologies in an entertaining way.

Recycling education with an interactive floor projection game

The Recycling Floor projection Game educates players about different recyclable materials and how they can be identified.

Multitouch table helps young people to understand how personal choices affect their lives

The ability to choose is one of the things that makes us human. But making decisions is not always easy.

Gamification: gaming the real world

Earlier this year, an angel fell from the sky onto the tiled floor of Victoria Station, London, and began interacting with commuters. It was a beautiful piece of augmented reality by Axe as part of their Excite promotion. It was also a visible marker of where the virtual world is headed: terra firma. From virtual playgrounds […]

The IBP game: world wide learning through online gaming

The IBP – game is an online learning game designed for the International Budget Partnership.

Using e-learning games to inform didactic practice

An abstract as a proposal for a conference paper on e-learning games.